Dani Rius

Dani Rius

Facilitator/Coach, Canterbury

Dani is a results-oriented leadership coach and workshop facilitator who specialises in developing leaders’ relationship and communication skills and growing the successful leader mindset that inspires people to greatness. Every conscientious leader wishes to have a high performing team; Dani helps leaders to achieve it.

Dani engages leaders with a holistic and systemic approach − working first with their own capabilities and then taking a broader team/organisational perspective, thus creating new avenues to improve their leadership skills and develop their team. To support one-on-one coaching and workshops, she also provides follow-up customised training videos and podcasts.

The versatility with which she operates enables her to adapt to leaders’ changing priorities, shifting gears to address new challenges and issues that arise. Through a co-creative process, managers determine their goals and then through a collaborative process they establish priorities, which are reviewed periodically.

Dani is an experienced coach and facilitator with 15 years in the corporate training industry, having worked with people at all levels of management, from CEOs to front line workers. She is a professional coach, researcher and facilitator, and is passionate about developing conscientious leaders who will thrive amidst the challenges of the 21st century.

During her Master studies, she carried out a significant amount of research into learning and resilience studies, which were further deepened during her work with the University of Canterbury’s Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She facilitates with deep care for her clients and with a special focus on leadership, growth mindset and resilience, productivity and performance, diversity and inclusiveness, and excellence in customer relationships.

She is the co-author of the book: Mindful Empathy – The Mindset of Success for Leaders of the Future (2020).

Qualifications and Accreditations

  • Master of Science in Industrial/Organisational Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Research Methods (Education)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Teaching a Second Language
  • Tony Robbins’ Strategic Intervention Coach
  • Counselling Skills Certificate

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