Dr Tim Williams

Dr Tim Williams

Consultant/Facilitator/Coach, Canterbury

Tim’s specialisations include development of personal resilience and positive organisational culture, particularly in the field of ethically-based leadership. He is comfortable workshopping with small groups or working alongside leaders in a coaching/consulting capacity.

He is motivated by the goal of using ‘applied curiosity’ to work with leaders and teams to discover the knowledge and resilience in organisations, and to bring that together with existing evidence for good practice to find effective and equitable solutions for improvement.

Tim brings extensive experience working in diverse roles within New Zealand and many regions internationally. Working in psychology, international development, international negotiation and trade development, he brings this range of experience to helping business leaders, and their teams, to improve workplace culture, decision-making and effectiveness. His own leadership experience ranges from small teams to mid-sized organisations in complex contexts, and his consulting experience ranges from companies to UN agencies, NGOs and government bodies.

Tim has clear and strong personal and professional values that are evident in his collaborative preparation, well-organised delivery and diligent follow-through in workshops and consulting. With a background that includes research and teaching in psychological science, he bases his practice on research and a firm evidential base.

In addition to 25+ years working in Aotearoa, Tim has worked in the Middle East, west Africa, Asia and New York. He brings this experience to the increasingly diverse workplaces and organisations at home to help leaders and teams find unique and effective directions for organisational development.

Tim is passionate about learning. In addition to his qualifications, his professional development is an impressive mix of international courses through such organisations as the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protecting, and the United States Institute of Peace.

Qualifications and Accreditations

  • PhD (Modelling of ethical decision-making in the health sector)
  • Master of Science (Clinical Psychology)
  • Diploma of Clinical Psychology
  • PRINCE2 Project Management Foundation

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