Ross Denton

Ross Denton

Facilitator/Coach, Canterbury

Relentless curiosity, deriving energy from change, supporting people to do their best work. These were the hallmarks of Ross’s own business leadership, so it was a natural progression for him into supporting individuals and organisations looking for a different future.

Ross counts himself as having been lucky to have worked for over 30 years in a number of different industries across Australasia, including health, utilities, IT, retail and manufacturing. It taught him to believe that timing has a great deal to do with any given approach being successful. That means there is always something new to learn but also points to the ‘right answer’ being contextual; that being a good, let alone great, leader requires different behaviours in different contexts plus the need to thrive in ambiguity.

That is a big ask for a leader to do alone. Ross sees his role as being to help bring out the best self of the individual being coached; to help them identify and leverage their strengths, to clarify purpose and direction, to look deep within to challenge. The coaching relationship is unique. It provides space to be vulnerable, to be uncertain, to lack clarity, all safely and in confidence.

Qualifications and Accreditations

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Adler Professional Coach Certification
  • Ology Master Coach
  • Kirkpatrick Certified Professional
  • DiSC Authorised Partner

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I really enjoyed Alison's coaching style - warm and connected but still challenging and accountability-driven. I have implemented tools and ideas discussed based on my profile tests. I have some techniques I can now utilise quickly and effectively when in workplace situations that might produce a strong emotional response, so that I can self-regulate at speed and communicate effectively.

Karin is a really fantastic coach. I really enjoyed her toolkit and ideas for moving me forward. She was able to challenge my thinking and it was good to get a second opinion on things. Loved the Strengths conversation and to have that lens in place to practically move forward in my leadership journey.

It went really well. I appreciated the empathy given. I really, really enjoyed Kathryn being able to read me so well, it was awesome to have that feedback about myself. I now do not have to go back and have a second discussion in order to rectify what I have agreed to that I didn't actually want to agree to in the first place!


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