Gay Pavelka

Gay Pavelka

Facilitator, Canterbury

Gay Pavelka has mediated disputes in a wide range of fields since 1984 and facilitated or mediated public issues and environmental conflicts since 1990. Training people in negotiation skills, facilitation and conflict management is a core area of work.

Gay is now limiting her third party conflict resolution work and focusing on supporting others to practise constructive interventions. Both businesses and public organisations are choosing to use her experience to help their managers and staff constructively prevent and overcome disputes.

Gay has retired from the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand though continues to seek effective ways that support people finding the best in each other’s thinking and sound decision-making.

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ODI appealed to me as a training provider because of the breadth of experience, qualifications and knowledge of their presenters. Their management team ensured that they understood our needs before suggesting a solution, and their trainer was able to ensure a standard programme was tailored specific to the way we operate. Participants found the content to be well-structured, relevant and useful. We value a training provider that takes the time to understand our people in order to match them with appropriately qualified and experienced trainers.

Kimberley Leighton, Learning and Development Officer, New Plymouth District Council

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