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Advocacy, Influence & Outcomes Programme

This two-day programme is for Regional and Sector Chairs and senior policy staff of Federated Farmers of New Zealand. It provides tools, methods and behaviour changes to support collaborative processes among the external stakeholders (including environmental interests, local and territorial government, land and water developers, and iwi, amongst others) who are party to land use decisions and regulation. The programme is predicated on a systems thinking approach and devolves process responsibility to the participants who engage in these complex and evolving negotiated solutions.

We have delivered this programme on six occasions for more than 70 participants so far, and further occurrences are planned.

Programme Structure

The programme consists of:

One of the seven modules is a half-day complex land-use negotiation scenario in which participants role-play as one of the parties. This grounds the programme in operational reality and is a highpoint of the delivery, enabling practise with the full range of programme tools, methods and behaviours.



The following are results from Kirkpatrick evaluation of programme participants undertaken during the programme. Scores are compared with our research-based benchmarks.

Fed Farmers TableThe following are some accounts by participants about their experience from the programme:

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