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The new realities and work practices that COVID-19 has created for many organisations has brought many different challenges. Many people who have not worked remotely in the past have found themselves being thrown into a new working environment with very little preparation. Many managers have had to re-think habits and management styles and figure out how to get the best out of their teams in this new reality.

Gallup has been studying remote working for nearly a decade and in this masterclass, the insights from this work will be brought together with an understanding of a strengths based approach to leadership to specifically help managers who are facing these new challenges.

This masterclass will provide insights into best practices of leading remote teams, based on Gallup’s decade of research into remote working, six decades of research into strengths and the most up to date information on best practices during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to:

  • understand the different aspects that affect teams when they are working remotely
  • understand the principles of strengths-based development
  • use some practical tools and ideas to successfully manage remote teams.


  • What the research tells us about remote working
  • What is strengths-based development and why is it important when leading remote teams?
  • Practical tools to leading remotely

Target Audience

Business owners and people leaders

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