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This masterclass will help you to understand Adaptive Leadership and how it applies to complex and challenging events. 

Using real-life situational crises examples, an adaptive leadership framework will be explored to enable you to reflect on how you tackle previously unknown challenges. Through examining complex decision-making processes, you will develop strategies as to how to reshape and redefine the work being done in order to meet these challenges.

You will also have the opportunity to understand the relevance of emotional intelligence. You will learn about the importance of empathy, authenticity, resilience and ways to facilitate more productive work environments during challenging times.

This masterclass will also reinforce that adaptive leaders need to own collective responsibility for the current global conditions that we impact and that impact us.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to:

  • orchestrate the resulting conflict, chaos, and confusion of change in a way that the disturbance can be productive rather than destructive
  • be more adaptable to embrace disequilibrium and to develop strategies to thrive – personally and with your leadership
  • mobilise others to tackle challenges.


  • Adaptive leadership and associated practices and interventions
  • Relevance of emotional intelligence
  • Purpose and process of complex decision making
  • Characteristics of an adaptive organisation

Target Audience

Business owners and leaders

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