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When we create the space for our team to feel heard, and safe enough to share their ideas about how to solve their own issues, we quite literally change the biochemical response of the conversation.

Research from neuroscience has highlighted that within 0.07 seconds of starting a conversation, either our cortisol or oxytocin levels go up, meaning that we start to feel either good or bad about the discussion almost immediately.

One of the best ways to activate an oxytocin response (the good, trusting and more productive response) is to ask curious questions and listen deeply, both of which are at the heart of good coaching.

This masterclass will introduce you to the fundamentals of coaching conversations at work, so you can better support and build wellbeing within your team.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to:

  • recognise the difference between coaching and non-coaching conversations
  • understand the basic science to support the coaching link to wellbeing at work
  • use the GROW and GRID coaching frameworks.


  • The difference between coaching and non-coaching conversations
  • Introduction to the neuroscience of conversations
  • How coaching influences wellbeing at work
  • GROW and GRID coaching frameworks
  • Identification of coaching moments back at work

Target Audience

Business owners, people leaders and internal coaches

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