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Many people are put off having difficult conversations and often avoid them, but people leaders today more than ever must be skilled at courageous conversations and face the added complication of having to often have the conversations online.

The masterclass will outline a 13 step-by-step approach to thoroughly preparing for any courageous conversation. Using a Discussion Handrail Tool, you will develop the confidence to know what to say during the actual conversation, whether it is in person or online.

We will also look at the skills required to be effective and discuss some of the common mistakes, all of which will help you to identify your development areas.

This interactive masterclass will help you to face issues such as poor performance, challenging behaviours, wellbeing concerns with team members, and those tough employment decisions.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to:

  • identify the key skills required to be successful in courageous conversations and those online skills that will be paramount to ensuring a successful conversation
  • develop the confidence to plan and prepare for a courageous conversation
  • understand common mistakes when having courageous conversations.


  • Use of a detailed road-map
  • The Discussion Handrail Tool
  • Skills required
  • Common mistakes

Target Audience

Business owners and people leadersĀ 

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