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According to the World Economic Forum, there are some 2.6 billion people around the world in lockdown. As you will no doubt be aware, this is unprecedented. The physical healing that this situation is requiring is something that we are all very much aware of and in New Zealand we are so blessed to have access to such good medical teams, but what about the psychological healing journey ahead?

As humans, it is impossible for us to simply ignore or disregard the overwhelming global human suffering we have witnessed – whether that includes the sick, the dying or the stress of potential economic hardship. Within as little as three months, we will likely see the effects of this psychological suffering – and for some of our people, this could last several years. This wave of people who potentially need additional support is a widely understood medical model – which means we can prepare for it.

In the world of business, we must anticipate and disrupt the potential impact on our mental health providers before they become overburdened. This will be possible, as a result of careful planning and building awareness of strength-focussed strategies that employers and leaders can embrace.

This masterclass will help you to better understand the potential psychological aftermath of COVID-19 and help you to make plans to support the wellbeing of your employees more effectively.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to:

  • review your self-help options to support your employees; considering likely categories of response
  • explore the typical responses to significant stress, so you can help your business better prepare
  • start planning your approach to prepare for the likely Wellbeing Wave.


  • Overview of the Fourth Wave medical model and World Economic Forum research
  • Potential emotional responses and behaviours at work
  • The link between wellbeing and resilience
  • How to support psychological healing
  • Existing and future plans to build a more resilient workforce.

Target Audience

Business owners and people leaders

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