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Our views of what leadership is and how to develop as leaders continue to grow with each new organisational, national and global challenge. In this masterclass, we will draw your attention to a body of research that is providing evidence-based insights on how leaders develop and how you can be more deliberate in your efforts to meet the needs of your customers, colleagues and team members.

Taking a strengths-based approach, we look at how to put your best self forward to meet a changing landscape of challenges that require you to be consistent, future-oriented and motivated to make a difference.

By understanding how leadership skills evolve from personal leadership to guiding systems and communities, we can see that the competencies that are needed are not distinct at different levels, but are cumulative and build on what’s come before. 

This masterclass will get you thinking about your own leadership development as an evolving and expanding tapestry of skills and attributes that reflect the needs of those you serve, and draw on your core strengths. It provides an evidence-based perspective for what works as we grow in our leadership capability, and asks that we reflect on four aspects of inspirational leadership that research has shown we need to demonstrate consistently – role modelling, championing the future, taking initiative, and leading with emotion.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to develop an understanding of:

  • where you are now in your journey as a leader by considering your leadership activities through a four-level leadership lens
  • three stakeholder-based strategies you can implement now to develop your leadership brand
  • a practical action step to becoming a more inspirational leader.


  • Levels of leadership development
  • Evidence-based perspective on leadership effectiveness
  • Building on your leadership strengths
  • Understanding inspirational leadership
  • Developing your inspirational leadership strengths

Target Audience

Business owners and leaders

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