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Governing a business in a time of crisis is difficult enough. But when the environment in which you collaborate and make decisions is either removed or so radically changed as to be unrecognisable, then prioritisation for boards and their chairs becomes even more important. 

The global COVID-19 pandemic has placed enormous pressure on the executive and boards of organisations as they attempt to adapt to a new normal. It is crucial that the board and management collaborate to find the best way forward for the organisation during this and possible future existential threats to the business. 

While recognising that management has the principal role in navigating the storm, this masterclass outlines the steps directors can take to safeguard the organisation’s people and resources, while monitoring the development, implementation and progress of the organisation’s crisis response plan. We discuss a series of questions directors can utilise to interrogate and assess management’s current and future responses to the crisis. 

This masterclass will outline how your board can prioritise its work and review and question management’s plans while providing the steady guidance that an engaged board of directors should provide during these and future times of crisis. 

One of the greatest governance challenges for both the board and management is appreciating and respecting their respective responsibilities during a crisis. To assist boards in doing this, the masterclass offers a checklist for directors covering 12 core areas. 

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will provide you with insights into how you can:

  • augment management’s capability
  • oversee and assess management’s risk assessments and plans
  • safeguard the organisation’s values and culture
  • keep a long-term focus – identifying any opportunities that may exist
  • assess the ‘lessons learned’.  


  • Team dynamics
  • Top priorities
  • Being informed (timely, thoughtful and focused)
  • Assessment and monitoring of resources (human, financial and physical)
  • Current and future focus

Target Audience

Business owners, board members and senior leaders

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