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What do you do when there’s too much to do? This is a daily dilemma faced by countless people in their jobs, and given the speed of change, it isn’t going to get easier.

The skill most needed in this era of ‘knowledge work’ is not more time management, but much better attention management. In an age of information overwhelm, control of attention is the ultimate individual power, the ability to focus on the one key thing that for the moment transcends all others in importance and relevance.

This masterclass sketches out the dynamic process of attention management as a powerful tool to boost productivity, and outlines how to establish your own rules to effectively direct your attention every day.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to:

  • establish strong rules to effectively direct your attention every day
  • leverage key attention filters to establish daily priorities
  • use the power of Next Actions to focus attention correctly on outcomes.


  • An introduction to the Attention Management process
  • Why it is crucial to operate an Attention Capture Tool
  • Understanding the reasons for building an external memory system
  • How the 4 Box idea can transform your work day focus

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