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Bullying and harassment is a very real workplace experience for many employees. Did you know that New Zealand has one of the highest rates of workplace bullying in the OECD? 

Many employers and people leaders struggle with first identifying that there is a workplace bullying or harassment problem, and secondly what to do about it. 

This masterclass will help you to understand, identify and deal with workplace bullying and harassment. 

Learning Outcomes

This masterclass will help you to:

  • identify where workplace bullying and harassment may be occurring
  • understand your role in managing these issues
  • identify ways in which your organisation can more effectively develop and maintain a positive and respectful workplace culture.


  • The difference between bullying and harassment
  • What is and isn’t bullying and harassment
  • Why bullies bully and people get targeted
  • Most common responses to bullying and harassment complaints
  • Your role in managing workplace bullying and harassment

Target Audience

Business owners and people leaders

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