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Nothing transcends the power of purpose for bringing intense clarity to an organisation’s key direction. Conversely, nothing is more damaging to attention than the lack of it, for where purpose has not been clarified, attention cannot be truly focused.

A business guided by purpose offers more than an experience. It promises meaning. And strangest of all, or not so strange, clarity of purpose successfully unites staff in a quest for excellence that bridges the generation gap.

This masterclass will illustrate how clarity of organisational purpose sets the direction of focused attention.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to:

  • integrate corporate purpose, mission, vision and values into a cohesive whole
  • understand why clarity of purpose will drive future organisational success
  • enlist purpose as the best pathway to direct attention in a VUCA world.


  • An introduction to the Mourkogiannis Framework for purpose statements
  • Purpose stories which reveal its power in widely divergent industry sectors
  • How purpose precedes strategy as its essential precursor
  • Why purpose underpins organisational success

Target Audience

Business owners and senior leaders


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