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People talk about innovation and agree that it is essential for survival, growth and progress of our organisations. However, nobody really knows how it can be done or managed. 

Innovation is critical for survival or growth, keeping in mind your competitors read the same books and watch the same YouTube videos. How then would you stand out and win business?

If you are not innovating, your competitors will, and you will join the ranks of the obsolete and the unemployed.

This masterclass will help you to understand that anyone can innovate, regardless of role. It will help you to understand what innovation is, why it is needed and how it is done. It will also help to clarify the need for innovation as well as how it fits with the core capabilities of your business.

We will explore ways in which any organisation can innovate to improve its products, services, processes, business models and operations. We will specifically look at using innovation to identify business opportunities.

The masterclass will lift the veil from what is deemed either a black art or a buzzword and shows the why, what and how of innovation in a professional environment and in a practical way.

Learning Outcomes

Your participation in this masterclass will help you to understand:

  • the need to innovate
  • factors that impact on the organisation
  • obsolescence, change and staying relevant
  • how to innovate.


  • The role of innovation in the organisation
  • The nature of innovation as ‘change that adds value’
  • Some tools to help you to ask the right questions to identify needed changes that will add value
  • Anyone can innovate
  • Building an innovative workplace and culture

Target Audience

Business owners, leaders, directors and others - anyone can innovate, regardless of role

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