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Many leaders are unprepared for the implications of a VUCA environment. Traditional management and leadership practices have placed the leader in control as the person who understands the environment around them. Today’s complex environment means that it is impossible for a leader to fully understand or predict the world. As a result, many leaders today feel that they are uncertain how to lead effectively in this new environment.

Effective leaders tailor their approach to fit the complexity of the circumstances they face. To do this, however, requires understanding what levels of complexity exist and what is likely to be the most appropriate response in those scenarios.

This masterclass provides an introduction to complex adaptive systems and will help you to understand and navigate complexity, providing practical frameworks and tools to make better decisions but also avoid the problems that arise when your preferred leadership style causes you to make mistakes.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to:

  • sense the context you are in so you can make better decisions
  • apply complexity tools and techniques (Cynefin framework, polarity mapping, systems thinking) to your work
  • understand the leadership behaviours and habits to effectively lead in complex environments.


  • Leading in a VUCA environment
  • Cynefin framework: understanding and dealing with complexity
  • Polarity mapping: managing organisational tensions
  • Systems thinking: connections, unintended consequences and feedback loops
  • Creating the conditions for emergence

Target Audience

Business owners and leaders

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