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Leading a successful team requires an ability to be flexible and adaptable to change. But even if you are clear that flexibility of mind, or agility, may be necessary to make changes, how to achieve this is less evident. 

Developing a growth mindset helps facilitate transitions that make your change project or initiative more likely to be successful. 

This masterclass will help you identify your own common response to change and get you more acquainted with the mindset that enables successful leaders to guide their teams effectively through change. 

Learning Outcomes

Participation in the masterclass will enable you to:

  • define characteristics of the growth mindset and distinguish it from the fixed mindset
  • see why the growth mindset fosters change (whilst the fixed mindset hinders progress)
  • understand how the growth mindset might help your team during transition.


  • Why change management efforts often fail 
  • The growth mindset vs the fixed mindset
  • Change management – case studies
  • Using the growth mindset to enhance team performance through transition

Target Audience

Business owners and people leaders

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