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Do your business meetings disrupt or direct organisational attention? For too many organisations, the answer unfortunately is the former. Some keys are needed to help facilitate memorable meetings that impel a company forward.

If different meetings satisfy different imperatives, and face different challenges, why are they not conducted in entirely different ways? Why are locations, formats, and even timeframes mostly the same?

Viewed afresh, through the lens of attention management, this masterclass will help you to rethink business meetings in order to sustain purpose and good staff attention. It introduces the idea of meeting structures that truly impel organisations forward.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to:

  • develop the ideal suite of memorable meetings
  • create momentum through effective meetings
  • confidently close each meeting on a high.


  • An introduction to the Lencioni model for meetings
  • Understanding the anatomy of a good meeting
  • Why different meeting types require different formats
  • Why meeting conclusions are critical to success

Target Audience

Business owners, managers and meeting chairs

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