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Risk is a universal phenomenon that affects all people in all activities that they may undertake. All business activities are fraught with risk as a result of the very nature of the tasks at hand. Understanding the sources, nature and management of risk is essential for anyone who desires a structured and disciplined approach to managing risks.

This masterclass takes a systems-oriented approach to risk management, being structured according to the internationally accepted Risk Management Standard, ISO 31000:  2018.

We will highlight issues that will assist in the preparation and maintenance of risk registers so that these actions support sound risk management, rather than mere compliance.

The masterclass will be useful for anyone who has to face project, operational or strategic risks and who has not been introduced to the structure and discipline of ISO 31000.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this masterclass will help you to gain an awareness and understanding of:

  • the impact of risk on business objectives
  • the risk management process
  • some tools and methods used for risk identification and assessment
  • risk management activities and their specific priorities


  • Risk drivers
  • The risk management process
  • The bow-tie approach
  • A structured approach to risk treatment options
  • The risk management plan in an accepted and proven structure

Target Audience

Business owners, managers and anyone facing project, operational or strategic risks

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