Rosita Guy


"Those who communicate are those who lead." 

This workshop traverses the meeting cycle from the decision to hold a meeting through planning, execution and review. Information, checklists and templates are provided and opportunity to practise new skills in a role-play setting.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to conduct meetings that result in:

  • less misunderstanding
  • increased cooperation with changes
  • improved commitment
  • reinforced role of management
  • reduced effect of damaging rumours.


  • The right reason to hold a meeting
  • Meeting preparation
  • Types of meeting - tool box, team brief, full staff meeting
  • Planning the meeting
  • Establishing terms of reference
  • Handling problem situations in meetings
  • The agenda
  • Duration and location of the meeting
  • Participants
  • Dealing with latecomers, opinionated participants and quiet, non-opinionated participants
  • Role of the Chair
  • Establishing action plans
  • Taking minutes
  • After the meeting
  • Evaluating the meeting


  • "Great presenter, excellent knowledge."
  • "Rosita's knowledge and presenter style kept the workshop relevant and interesting."
  • "Very informative and practical workshop."
  • "Well researched, credible presenter."

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