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‘Strategy’ is a concept that has become frequently used (and abused). Application of the term to a variety of business activities at all organisational levels has created some confusion about its true meaning. Strategy is important at all levels of the organisation – to differing degrees – and it is obviously preferable to develop expertise in strategy before, rather than after, making an attempt at taking an organisation into the future.

This rather complex subject is broken into bite-sized pieces. In this way you can gain an appreciation of the significance of each segment before moving on to the next one. Although strategy does comprise a number of separate activities, none of these can be practised in isolation from the others.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • view all other management practices as components in the overall process of getting things done to achieve objectives
  • have an understanding of how innovation and strategy interact
  • understand the fundamentals of strategic management and the resulting ability to practise 'strategic thinking' that actually delivers
  • perceive issues from an organisational perspective rather than as a functional or technical specialist, and therefore understand strategic options
  • move strategy from an abstract 'senior level, long term' view to a practical action-oriented master plan by use of a methodology and thinking tool.


Introduction and context of strategic management

  • Need for strategic thinking
  • Some economic and other phenomena we need to deal with
  • It’s all about gaining advantage

Understanding competence and competitive advantage

  • Core competencies and their strategic value
  • Capability – it’s all you have, so what is it?
  • A model of the enterprise that explains it all

Innovation and strategy

  • Change – it’s a constant
  • Technology (any) as a strategic resource
  • Innovation – a game changer, not a mystical process
  • Again ... it’s all about advantage

Strategic analysis - not a whiteboard moment

  • Internal analysis – a framework
  • External analysis – a framework
  • Stop playing lip service to SWOT analyses
  • GIDA – a whole new (and very useful) action approach

Strategic options

  • Defining purpose, the starting point of leadership
  • Essentials – what? for whom? how?
  • What areas are important?
  • Formulating a strategic position that is not mere jargon
  • Again ... it’s all about advantage

Strategy implementation

  • Obtaining strategic capability – options
  • Planning for implementation
  • Organising implementation
  • Resourcing for implementation
  • Again ... it’s all about advantage


  • "An excellent course which turned on a light about strategy."
  • “Piet's use of analogy and story assists the processing of the information in a non-threatening but powerful way."
  • "Great course - well presented. Kept it lively and engaging."
  • "The course has given me some useful ideas and tools for assisting with Strategic Planning."

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