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Engineers and contractors working on projects outside New Zealand, especially in developing countries, often encounter the several conditions of contract published by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). Some FIDIC contracts have also been on projects within New Zealand, particularly those involving design-build or mechanical plant supply and installation.

In this workshop you will gain an understanding of the background to, scope and range of FIDIC contracts, as well as the important differences between them and other forms of contracts commonly encountered in New Zealand such as NZS 3910.

Differences in vocabulary, procurement practices, role definitions and potential traps in contract documentation and administration are identified. Business processes for payment applications, variations, claim processing and certification of completion are explained. Hands–on group exercises based on two of the FIDIC contracts are used to gain greater understanding and familiarity with the documents.

You will receive comprehensive course notes and sample templates, both of which will be useful for ongoing contract administration under FIDIC.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will have:

  • an overview of all the nine FIDIC contracts and an understanding of where each is best suited for use
  • familiarity with advantages and limitations of the FIDIC Green Book contract (the ‘Short Form’ for Minor Works)
  • in depth understanding of the FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 contract (for provision of mechanical and electrical plant and for design-build)
  • salient points of different aspects in FIDIC Red Book, Silver Book, Gold Book
  • an awareness of unusual aspects needing differences in approach from NZS 3910 contract management
  • guidelines and templates for use in the procurement and administration of FIDIC contracts.


  • Selection of contract strategies and payment systems
  • Contract documentation
  • FIDIC – the organisation, its history and development of the rainbow suite
  • The FIDIC Green Book
  • FIDIC Red Book, Yellow Book and Silver Book
  • Key differences from NZS 3910
  • FIDIC Yellow Book payment processes
  • Potential trouble spots
  • Procurement of FIDIC contracts
  • Management of FIDIC contracts
  • FIDIC Silver and Gold Books
  • Self test and suggestions for further study or reference


  • "Course content very valuable to reinforce general contract knowledge."
  • "One of the best presenters I have experienced. Held your attention."
  • "Worthwhile and interesting course. Andrew is very knowledgeable."
  • "A well structured and engaging course, well presented, on an otherwise fairly 'dry' subject."

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