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If your team is struggling to perform or wants to sharpen its collective saw, this is the perfect workshop. With so many influencing factors, team performance can be a tricky thing to diagnose and it can be all too easy to finger relationship issues or individual performance. This workshop will give you and your team a better understanding of the nature of teams and will provide actionable insights on how to improve performance.

In collaboration with the team leader, we’ll start with a team-level diagnostic (the Team Vital Signs “TVS” from Six Seconds) and then debrief with the leader to set the context for the workshop. In the workshop we’ll debrief the TVS and relate that to David Clutterbuck’s PERILL model (Purpose and motivation, Externally-facing systems and processes, Relationships, Internally-facing systems and processes, Learning, and Leadership) and Google’s research into high performing teams and psychological safety. 

This is a large subject area, so specific emphasis will be placed on factors highlighted by the team leader and in the TVS.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you and your team will be able to:



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