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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are often misaligned or non-existent when executing an organisation’s strategy. KPI development should be completed in conjunction with other leadership and management disciplines to assist you in the delivery of your part of the organisation’s KPIs and strategy. It is an iterative process of implementing KPIs at a board level and leading this through to the lowest appropriate level in an organisation and then providing upward feedback as to linkage with strategy.

This workshop works through the importance of having KPIs and aligning them with the organisation’s strategy and business plans, and how to implement these within your organisation.

A pre-requisite for this workshop is the existence of an organisational strategic plan and various operational business plans linked to that strategy. The workshop will work through the strategic plan of the organisation, developing KPIs for the governance team, your leadership and management team, and cascading this down to the base operating level as required. These KPIs will assess the organisation’s financial and non-financial performance measures, including statutory and stakeholder metrics. You will then establish information requirements to report against these KPIs and the reporting framework that flows up the organisation.

A final assessment step will be to compare the information that exists currently with what is required to measure against KPIs, and complete a gap analysis and next steps for implementing KPI reporting. This will include training on the automation of reporting on certain KPIs through use of Business Intelligence tools so that the organisation is not spending all of its time gathering data, but instead interpreting information monthly, weekly or daily, depending on what is important for your organisation.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the importance of KPIs
  • develop KPIs that align with your organisation’s strategy and business plans
  • identify data and information required to report against those KPIs
  • identify next steps for determining how to collect information to report on KPIs
  • demonstrate an understanding of the reporting and accountability framework to implement KPIs.


  • What are KPIs?
  • How are KPIs selected for an organisation and selecting the key drivers
  • Analysing your strategic or business plan to determine the key drivers
  • Determining KPIs that match the key drivers and assessing whether they are SMART
  • Assessing what information is available in the organisation to support the assessed KPIs
  • Identifying information gap for KPIs and next steps
  • Reporting on KPIs and accountability frameworks

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