Linzi Ebbage-Thomas


This workshop provides an opportunity for you to work with your organisation's performance appraisal system. The interactive and skills-based workshop will enable you to become confident in the use of your organisation's formal appraisal template and develop the skills that will be useful at performance appraisal time and throughout the year when giving feedback. Furthermore you will leave knowing where you have personal development gaps and where you can source support for addressing them.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • understand why performance appraisals are necessary
  • become fluent in the use of your organisation's performance appraisal template as an aid to a good conversation
  • plan for and structure a performance appraisal meeting
  • demonstrate the skills of an effective performance appraiser.


  • Why formal performance appraisal?
  • Use of the formal performance appraisal template
  • Structuring an appraisal meeting
  • Skills required for an appraisal session - building rapport, asking questions, active listening, empathy, building and maintaining self-esteem, giving positive and developmental feedback, and note taking


  • "I thought Linzi ran the workshop well. The intent or outcomes of the workshop were clear from the beginning."
  • "Really enjoyed it. I learnt skills to use not just at work but in general life as well."
  • "Definitely worthwhile."

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