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This workshop applies the research basis of the field of Positive Psychology to the practical application of developing personal resilience in extraordinary circumstances. Research has shown that with education and training, we are able not only to increase our ability to cope in the face of adversity, but even to thrive and flourish when the going gets tough.

Different people react differently to the stresses of life's disruptions, at a personal level and in dealing with others who have been affected. There can be a measurable impact on emotional well-being, which may include increases in the experience of anger, panic and withdrawal. Without the ability to bounce back effectively, this impact may have a much longer-term effect.

This workshop offers a greater understanding of the personal nature of resilience and post-traumatic growth, the practice of skills for positive responding, and the tools to sustain emotional health and well-being during challenging times.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • understand concepts of resilience
  • consider the best use of science-based tools for increasing personal resilience
  • identify personal stress reactions and consider how these are managed effectively
  • understand the significance of maintaining a positive emotional climate for well-being, productivity and resourcefulness
  • practise skills for sustaining good emotional and psychological health.


  • Context and components of resilience
  • Emotional health and well-being
  • Reaction to stress and disruption
  • Spheres of concern and control
  • Realistic optimism and positive responding
  • Personal strengths-based problem-solving


  • "Excellent presentation to help people understand the nature of resilience and providing strategies for thinking about resilience differently."
  • "Very informative, interesting and very interactive."
  • "I really enjoyed some of the tools you provided to us around changing perspective and beliefs. I saw a lot of value in them and am going to start using some of the principles with my team. I also felt it has prompted me to do some personal reflection."
  • "The facilitator was outstanding - knew her content well - used anecdotal information to give relevance to the subject. Was mindful of our personal experiences and was professional, thought provoking and respectful."

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