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Around NZ$1.5 billion per year is lost due to workplace absence and stress; the average worker checks their mobile phone around 150 times a day and up to 40% of the workforce think it’s impossible to succeed at work and have a balanced life (Wellness in the Workplace Report, 2017).

Workplaces can be filled with sources of potential stress at the best of times:

Throw in other outside stressors such as those experienced by people living in Christchurch through two of New Zealand’s most destructive earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks, almost 8,000 homes declared no longer habitable (but the owners still had to work in the city), and a global financial crisis occurring simultaneously, and you've got the potential ingredients for a perfect storm of stress. 

Leadership coach and author of Resilience at Work, Kathryn Jackson used her own personal experience of that environment to learn from the latest research about resilience and has turned her knowledge into a practical and engaging workshop for businesses who are serious about deliberately supporting employees in understanding their own personal response to external stressors at work.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of how resilience relates with overall wellbeing at work
  • consciously adapt and personalise the Four Factors for your own resilience at work
  • identify the approach you prefer to take when you come under pressure
  • take more responsibility for own your wellbeing and resilience at work
  • talk to your team with confidence about their wellbeing and resilience at work.


  • A brief history of resilience
  • Consideration of workplace stressors and organisation wellbeing
  • A strength-based approach to building resilience
  • The latest research about resilience and wellbeing – adaptive resilience, positive psychology, neuroplasticity and emotional literacy
  • The ripple of resilience
  • Emotional honesty at work – research and tools
  • Self-care at work – research and tools
  • Connecting at work – research and tools
  • Learning at work – research and tools
  • Tools for supporting your team - Job Quality Index, Attributes Quiz
  • Exploring measurement options

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