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Leading a successful business and team requires an ability to be flexible and adaptable to the frequent changes and uncertainty we are experiencing today. But even if you are clear that flexibility of mind, or agility, is necessary to make changes, how to achieve this is less evident. It takes a whole team to be responsive to frequent changes experienced today. Developing a growth mindset allows for a safe environment to create a culture where people strive to learn and improve, open to creating new and better outcomes to keep your business activities relevant for today’s world.

Dani will present cutting edge research and case studies that will broaden your mind. Through practical exercises you will learn how to develop plans that will train you to create an environment of growth for your team to adopt necessary changes to survive and thrive in today's landscape. 

As a result of learning to develop the growth mindset, you can expect to be able to foster collaborative relationships, team accountability, trial and error and share successes and failures to improve your team’s ability to thrive in the 21st century.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • recognise the different facets of the growth mindset vs the fixed mindset
  • frame common problem focussed approaches as (challenge accepted!) energising opportunities to learn and grow from your pain points
  • reframe error for positive collaboration and innovation
  • identify when you are operating from the growth or fixed mindset and the impact it has on your/your team’s productivity and resilience
  • develop strategies to initiate a growth mindset culture
  • use the framework of ‘mindful empathy’ based on Dani’s (2020) authored book, Mindful Empathy – the Mindset of Success for Leaders of the Future, to develop intrapersonal (your own thoughts and mind) and interpersonal (relationship) skills
  • make a plan to implement change in your team towards a culture of learning and growth.


  • Benefits of fostering the growth mindset
  • Identifying problems; reframing risk and challenges
  • Individual talent vs collective diverse knowledge
  • Group Think vs Challenge and Grow
  • Steps to start developing a growth mindset culture in your team
  • Mindful Empathy Framework© - Foundation for the development intrapersonal and relationship skills
  • Team culture change plan template


  • “Dani is an enthusiastic and energetic facilitator.  The team and I found the training very valuable especially the managing stress and mindfulness tips.  We also found the group work really useful. My team thanked me for the professional development opportunity this morning and asked for more!”
  • “Dani is very results driven, and we worked to ensure that I could see changes reflected in my team’s performance.  My team have responded well to my firmer direction and more confident approach with a greater level of engagement and sharing of new ideas.”
  • “[It] generated many 'aha' moments for me. I found the content around procrastination particularly informative.”

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