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Many leaders are finding that rates of mental illness are rising dramatically, and not only is the rate increasing, but also the complexity.

This in-depth workshop is ideally suited to leaders who have a basic understanding of mental illness and now want to know, “What next?” or who have staff with complex forms of mental illness, eating disorders and PTSD.

The workshop covers depression, anxiety, brain injuries, eating disorders, burnout and PTSD. We look in-depth at how mental illness affects a person’s overall wellbeing, their ability to function in the workplace and their overall health.

We discuss ways leaders can design workplaces that are unlikely to trigger mental illness, what a leader can be reasonably expected to manage and when further help is required, how you can talk to other staff about a colleague who may have a severe mental illness, and what can be done to prevent suicide in the workplace and the wider community.

We also discuss real life and challenging situations that New Zealand leaders have faced.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • identify possible signs of mental illness and know how to refer to an expert to confirm what you may suspect
  • recognise the signs and symptoms that more complex forms of mental illness may be present
  • have the confidence to approach someone who you suspect may be suicidal
  • know about different treatment options and therapies and how to access them
  • recognise the importance of sleep, and know how to help people get a better night’s sleep
  • know your limits and what can reasonably be asked of someone who is not a mental health expert
  • recognise what makes an effective workplace wellbeing programme.


  • Forms of mental illness
  • Causes of burnout and how to prevent it
  • Why international workers often have high rates of mental illness
  • Effects of poor sleep on mental illness
  • How to manage a mental health crisis in the workplace
  • Causes of suicide and what can be done to prevent it in the workplace
  • Workplace wellbeing programme effectiveness
  • Evidence-based treatments - who they work best for and where to find them


  • "Our staff highly valued Michael's entertaining and thought-provoking session focusing on stress, sleep and overcoming a fear of failure. His content was fresh and tailored to our unique environment. The research provided new-found knowledge and unexpected discoveries, leaving staff feeling informed and invigorated."
  • "Michael's presentation was flawlessly delivered and with very engaging content. Given that suicide is such a sensitive subject, it’s a credit to Michael that people came away feeling informed and inspired. I have received much feedback from attendees saying this was one of their favourite presentations of the day."

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