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Change is inevitable and comes in many forms, eg mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, digital transformation, implementation of new processes, or environmental disruption. Agile provides leaders with a framework to respond effectively to change in a manner that is transparent and engaging.

Agile is all about change; adapting to changes in the environment, responding to changing customer needs, and making incremental changes to products, services, and/or processes. Agile teams and agile organisations expect change.

As a leader, your approach, attitude, and role modelling influence the culture of your organisation.

This interactive workshop will give you practical steps to build an Agile culture that is adaptively responsive to change.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • identify the benefits of an Agile approach to change
  • determine which Agile principles to apply to any given change initiative
  • appreciate more fully the interactions between change and culture
  • understand how to build readiness for change
  • design a change initiative using Agile tools and techniques.


  • What are the Agile principles, and which ones are most relevant to your context?
  • Factors driving change
  • Understanding your culture
  • The role of leaders in a change initiative
  • Hallmarks of readiness for change
  • Resistance to change, and how to overcome it
  • A model for the iterative journey from the current state to the desired state

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