High Performance Work Initiative

Callaghan Innovation is implementing a nationwide initiative aimed at helping small-medium sized organisations to be higher performers - to assist them to grow their productivity, profitability and competitiveness through effective employee engagement and improved workplace practices. HPWI programmes deliver results for organisations that impact the bottom line within 8-12 months.

We've been selected by Callaghan Innovation to design and deliver one of the programmes. Callaghan is heavily subsidising this programme for participating organisations.

We're looking for eight organisations who are interested in participating in our HPWI programme, which will commence in early October 2015. Preliminary elements of the programme will be held at ODI's Christchurch venue with the consultancies delivered at the participants' own workplaces.

The ODI HPWI Programme

Our programme utilises specialist business consultants to work with eight participating organisations as a group and individually to help them develop relevant, specific and practical high performance work processes.

The programme is based on 10 levers for high performance work, which contribute to individual and organisational performance:

  1. Customer information and relationship management
  2. Mission, vision and strategy
  3. Leadership behaviours
  4. Structure and organisation of work
  5. Culture and climate
  6. Finance and accounting
  7. Management systems and practices
  8. Performance management and rewards/recognition
  9. Learning and development
  10. Organisation outcomes measurement and reporting

The following are the components of our programme:

  • Participants will attend 10 half-day sessions in Christchurch, which provide knowledge about good/best practice related to each of the above 10 levers. In each of these sessions participants will complete a diagnostic questionnaire to determine their organisation’s current state for each of the above 10 levers.
  • Specialist business consultants will work individually with each participant organisation to support improvement of the three most needy/most beneficial levers for that organisation from the above list of 10. A total of 60 hours is available for these consultancies. 
  • 90-day and 180-day follow-up with each organisation will be provided to track progress on post-consultancy achievement of independent action plans.
  • A case report on each organisation will be provided following programme completion, which will aggregate progress and evaluative information and provide a resource from which ODI and the organisation can share information about programme success with others outside the programme.
  • An HPWI Forum will be held at which our consultants will present their case information in a public forum, including participants, Callaghan Innovation, the HPWI community and organisations interested in the HPWI experience. Media will be invited.

Programme costs (ex GST)

Total cost per participating organisation:           $25,000

Callaghan Innovation subsidises this by $15,000, ie each participating organisation pays $10,000

Programme dates and consultants

Dates and facilitators/consultants for the 10 half-day workshops are as follows:

Dates Workshops Facilitators/Consultants
6 Oct 2015 Mission, Vision and Strategy Michelle Shields
21 Oct 2015 Finance and Accounting Brent Williams
4 Nov 2015 Structure and Organisation of Work Manfred Friedrich
18 Nov 2015 Leadership Behaviours Kris Cooper
2 Dec 2015 Learning and Development Carolyn Bates
16 Dec 2015 Customer Information and Relationship Management Michael Darby
3 Feb 2016 Culture and Climate Teresa Callow
17 Feb 2016 Management Systems and Practices André Esterhuizen
2 Mar 2016 Performance Management and Rewards/Recognition Linzi Ebbage-Thomas
16 Mar 2016 Outcomes Measurement and Reporting Brent Williams

Selection of organisations

Callaghan is looking for organisations that:

  • are enthusiastic, open to change and with management commitment to achieve positive outcomes during the programme
  • fundamentally sound with potential for growth that could be achieved through business improvement processes
  • have management capacity, capability and commitment to HPWI programme leadership
  • have potential for positive change in workplace communications, relationships and culture

Eligible organisations

  • The HPWI programme is open to all organisations except for central government departments and agencies.
  • Organisations eligible for support through the Regional Business Partners (RBP) programme are eligible, but to avoid double-funding, HPWI support is not available as well as RBP voucher funding for the same activities.
  • Organisations with access to more suitable forms of funding through other government programmes are not eligible.
  • Organisations are not eligible to receive funding from any other programme, eg Better By Lean, that Callaghan considers to be equivalent in nature and value (unless otherwise agreed between the two organisations).

Application process

If you are interested in applying to participate in this programme, please complete the application form and return it to us by 14 September 2015.