Is Your Nest Broken?

As we work more closely with our clients we are learning just how fragile many workplace climates are when it comes to the application of new skills and behaviours at work. And our Kirkpatrick evaluations tell us that if the nest is not ready the fledgling will not thrive.

Let me explain. Learning and its application are the drivers of organisational performance and both are required to get improved results; learning to source new ideas, tools and methods, and application to bring them to work and make improvements.

Learning happens when learners are engaged, exposed to new ideas, tools and methods that they can see will be useful at work, and get a chance to play with them in a safe but real environment. A good learning experience will return them to the workplace committed to application and confident that it will be successful.

Application (and improved results) happens when learners step out the new ideas, tools and methods at work. To do this they need opportunity, support, reinforcement and feedback. Too often the nest delivers none of this and the commitment and confidence quickly evaporate; the learning is lost and so are any chances for improved results. This is simply waste.

To fix the nest you first need to diagnose the problem. Work unit climates are the result of many organisational factors: the leadership influences of mission, strategy and culture; the management influences of structures, systems and processes. How these are sets the work unit climate for good or ill. A quick audit can find the problem; fixing it could be a bigger mission.

We think smart businesses check the nest, and fix it if need be, as part of learning-application design. And we can help you to do that.

At Organisation Development Institute we are committed to training and its application as the key to improved results. With the help of our facilitators and presenters, and our Kirkpatrick and other tools, we are well able to provide and evidence the learning. Because we know that alone is not enough to improve organisational results, we have built up our business consultancy team so we can diagnose and fix the nest in preparation for the application phase of the learning-application cycle.

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