ODI 10 Levers for High Performance Work

ODI has worked with the Burke-Litwin Model of Organisational Change and Performance to create a set of diagnostics to help identify organisational strengths and development opportunities to achieve high performance work.  We have crafted a series of questions that test a business or organisation against global good practices in each of the 10 domains that drive high performance work.  The questions are designed for online answer by the business' experts in each domain.  The 10 domains are:

  1. Customer information and relationship management
  2. Mission, vision and strategy
  3. Leadership behaviours
  4. Structure and organisation of work
  5. Culture and climate
  6. Finance and accounting
  7. Management systems and practices
  8. Performance management and rewards/recognition
  9. Learning and development
  10. Organisation outcomes measurement and reporting.

This diagnostic will help identify domains and change within them that will move your business closer to best practice and achievement of high performance work.  If you would like to know more, call Kyran or Nicky on 0508 ODI ODI or enquire through our website.