ODI COVID-19 Policy

  • Introduction

    ODI is committed to a safe and healthy workplace for its workers and visitors, including identifying and managing all Covid-19 risks.


    Managing Covid-19

    We will identify all workplace factors that give rise to Covid-19 risk and use the hazard and risk management process to manage it. We will consult with workers on this issue.


    Directors’ Responsibilities

    Nicky and Kyran have a responsibility for the implementation of this policy to ensure that workers are safe at work and free from risks to their health and safety. They are also responsible for providing the necessary resources to meet with this policy. This means that they will take reasonable and practical steps to ensure that factors in the workplaces under their control don’t cause or contribute to Covid-19 illness.


    Specifically, Directors will:

    1. require ODI workers to be fully vaccinated, to provide vaccination evidence to ODI when requested, and to agree to ODI sharing that information with its clients on request
    2. require ODI workers to comply with all check-in, mask-wearing, personal spacing and sanitisation procedures requested by its clients and their venues
    3. deploy procedures that mirror the New Zealand Covid-19 Protection Framework (the Traffic Light system) at times and in the regions designated by the Ministry of Health.


  • At Red, Orange and Green Traffic Light levels:

    • ODI’s workers continue to work from their respective homes, as many did prior to the Covid-19 epidemic; ODI no longer maintains a central office
    • ODI’s workers are available for face-to-face meetings, delivery services; programmes and workshops, coaching and consultancy, subject to:
      • client agreement to receive those services
      • worker availability at the specific time and location
      • availability of public transport and accommodation arrangements that are satisfactory to ODI
      • confirmation of specific client arrangements for social distancing, hygiene practices and contact tracing that meet Ministry of Health guidelines and are satisfactory to ODI
      • freedom from flu-like symptoms in the worker and each attendee.


    Workers’ Responsibilities

    Workers also have a responsibility to take reasonable care for their own health and safety. This means that if they recognise Covid-19 risks, they ask an ODI Director for workplace solutions and support, and take care of their own wellbeing.


    Specifically, workers will:

    1. comply with all Ministry of Health and ODI Covid-19 guidelines whilst carrying out their work for ODI
    2. comply with all client and venue requirements for check-in, mask-wearing, personal spacing and sanitisation procedures
    3. provide evidence to ODI of their vaccination status (on request), and consent to ODI sharing that information with clients on request
    4. advise ODI of Covid infection or flu-like symptoms in the lead-up period to any planned ODI face-to-face delivery.


    Information and Support

    ODI will provide regular information about the effects of COVID-19 on personal and workplace health and safety, and on the components of this policy.

Kyran Newell and Nicky Trainor
ODI Directors

8 February 2022