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ODI COVID-19 Policy

Posted by Kyran and Nicky on 14/05/2020 12:23pm

This update to our Covid-19 policy reflects New Zealand’s move down to Alert Level 2 from 14 May 2020.

We recognise that working from home and live online meeting and learning will continue as part of the ‘new’ business landscape for the foreseeable future.  In our experience live online learning can deliver value for topic-based modules and for some management skills training.  However, it is only a supplementary mechanism for leadership development where face-to-face encounters and workplace experimentation are key.

We have prepared a new range of topic-based learning modules (Masterclasses) to support our clients to maintain resilience and wellbeing, to lead and manage virtual teams, and in a range of other specialised domains. These are available both as live online 90-minute video conference calls for groups of clients’ staff, each from their own home or workplace, and as face-to-face delivered options.

We are also offering a number of our one-day and two-day management skills workshops as integrated programmes of four or eight 90-minute live online sessions.

We are also offering individual and small group remote coaching to support staff throughout this time as well as to keep them focused on their own professional development and to support their leadership roles.

From today’s date we are at New Zealand Covid-19 Alert Level 2. For the duration of that alert level:

  • ODI’s staff and contractors continue to work from their respective homes, as many did prior to the Covid19 epidemic
  • ODI staff and contractors will access ODI’s office as necessary to complete their work; we have determined that a central ODI office is no longer required and will close it permanently on 30 September 2020
  • ODI resumes face-to-face delivery services; programmes and workshops, coaching and consultancy, subject to:
      1. facilitator, coach or consultant availability at the specific time and location
      2. availability of public transport and accommodation arrangements that are satisfactory to ODI
      3. confirmation of specific client arrangements for social distancing, hygiene practices and contact tracing that are satisfactory to ODI
      4. freedom from flu-like symptoms in the facilitator and each attendee.

This policy is subject to change at any time as the Covid-19 situation evolves.

Kyran Newell and Nicky Trainor
ODI Directors

14 May 2020


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