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Our Organisational Leadership Model

Posted by admin on 31/10/2014 10:35am

In thP28302 Leadership model globe FA V5e ODI worldview, organisations are systems that operate within a wider system of suppliers, competitors, customers and other stakeholders, which is bounded by the physical and biological environment that is our planet. The small graphic on the left hints at how that can be represented.

The enlarged cross section view below provides a more readable interpretation. Importantly it hints at the flows of information from the ‘outside’ systems into the organisation and the outflows of impacts from what the organisation does into those outside systems.

A more detailed look at the organisational system is warranted. The various coloured components tell us:

 P28302 Leadership model diagram FA V2

This is a cross-sectional model that plays out at all levels in an organisation. The keys to organisational success lie in the influences of leadership at all levels, and the development of work unit climates that cause the individual responses that the leaders want and the organisation needs.

We believe that this model, derived from the Burke-Litwin model, says it all about how organisations work, and defines the scope of organisation development to make them perform better. It rightfully places leadership in the driving seat for organisation performance.

We’ve adopted this model as a cornerstone for our leadership and organisational development practice.

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