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Posted by Nicky Trainor on 30/04/2020 1:26pm

At this time of lockdown and working from home, many leaders, especially team leaders, are in need of additional support as they exercise their leadership remotely. They may never have previously contended with the pressures that working from home bring to them and to their team members; limited space, new technology, disruption, family commitments, and others. Organisations are learning that the work from home model has legs and may well be continued long after lockdown is over. 

Live online coaching can provide your team leaders with that vital support to expand their skills to enable effective leadership of their remote teams. Those new skills include deep listening, facilitation to overcome the new communication barriers, goal setting, performance management, and relationship building that includes home and family.

Live online coaching can include the coachee’s line manager for initial sessions. It can also include the coachee’s team members for occasional small group coaching sessions.

As COVID-19 unfolds, remote coaching opportunities can be interwoven with face-to-face sessions as logistics permit.

If you want to make a ‘development gift’ to one of your team leaders who is managing a remote team, a programme of six live online coaching sessions, a month apart, is a great way to do that.

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