ODI COVID-19 Policy

Posted by Nicky and Kyran on 12/08/2020 11:00am

This update to our COVID-19 policy reflects the move to Alert Level 2 for all regions apart from Auckland from 12 August 2020. From today’s date and for the duration of Alert Level 2, ODI continues face-to-face delivery services (programmes, workshops, coaching and consultancy), in areas outside of Auckland and subject...

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ODI goes live online - ODI Video

Posted by Kyran Newell on 29/04/2020 11:54am

At ODI we are passionate about delivering learning experiences that are so much more - we strive to change practices at work and improve results for both individuals and their organisations. Kirkpatrick Four Levels (R) is part of our DNA, driving us into learner workplaces to support application efforts and...

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Tips to Avoid Stress when Working from Home - ODI Video

Posted by Michael Hempseed on 09/04/2020 3:06pm

Working from home brings new stressors with it, including interruption from others in the house and from the digital technologies that are new to many of us. Michael Hempseed, from the ODI team, is a specialist in mental wellbeing and offers useful tips for avoiding stress when working from home. 

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Tips for Working from Home - ODI Video

Posted by Kyran Newell on 08/04/2020 11:23am

In these difficult COVID-19 times, our new normal involves working from home, which is a new experience for many of us. Another new experience is using digital technology, especially video conferencing and video clips as our primary form of business communication with groups; a quite different reality than the face-to-face contact...

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