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André Esterhuizen is an Innovation Leadership Consultant. With more than 20 years’ experience in Innovation and Management, he is able to work alongside those who want to sustainably grow their organisations and lead them to maturity. 

His studies in engineering got him started along the innovation path. He spent 13 years in design roles where he had the privilege of designing high performance equipment for the manufacturing, mining and food processing industries. He gained further innovation and leadership experience when, for six years, he managed a high precision manufacturing team that supported the development and manufacture of equipment, prototypes and products for some of New Zealand's most successful hi-tech, innovation companies. Among these were YikeBike, Windflow, Rakon, Enztec, Hamilton Jet, Dynamic Controls, Trimble, Rex Bionics and Industrial Research, to name a few. 

Today André’s client base extends beyond engineering and manufacturing as more organisations are learning the value of applying principles that traditionally were only found in the technology sector. He helps organisations develop a culture of performance and sustainable growth that is characterised by innovation, relentless improvement and an ingrained coaching ethos. He resolutely develops intentional leadership to lead an organisation-wide coaching strategy for growing knowledge, improving processes and for building cross-functional collaboration. 

The advice, training and coaching that André offers are centred around a Lean philosophy and the strong emphasis that it places on delivering value to customers and stakeholders. Lean is well respected across all industries for its effectiveness in both larger and small organisations and in recent years André has had the privilege of working both with small teams of less than 10 people and large organisations like Fletcher Building. 

His experience in dealing with several different disciplines together with his knowledge and practical experience in key management practices like Agile, Theory of Constraints, Six Sigma, Knowledge Management, Business Analysis, ERP and Change Leadership, allows him to work side by side with everyone in an organisation as he trains and coaches. 

Key areas that André helps organisations with include: 

  •  leadership and management development
  •  Lean process, product and service development
  •  strategic planning 
  •  change leadership

He also facilitates NZQA certificate and diploma training in Competitive Systems and Practices.

Qualifications and Accreditations

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

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