Manfred Friedrich


Manfred is known as a passionate advocate for Agile Methodologies and has worked on large scalable systems for nearly 20 years. As a specialist in real-time trading systems, his roles have included project management of mission critical projects and the introduction of Agile Principles for Europe's leading financial institutions.

While Agile Principles became mainstream, Manfred was left with the question why those principles were only applied for teams at the bottom of organisations while the rest of the organisation would not implement collaborative methods. In 2004 Manfred set out to find a governance model for a better way to lead organisations. He founded several companies as a playground for new leadership models. In 2012 one of his projects was acknowledged as a finalist for The Best Workplace in New Zealand.

Today Manfred's focus is leadership development; he provides training and coaches the implementation of Holacracy (aka Dynamic Governance, Sociocracy). Furthermore, he offers workshops in mediation and personal self development.

His vision: highly utilised people and collaboration, equivalence while enhancing individual and group effectiveness, help people to truly enjoy ‘Their’ workplaces, leading to excellent and economic viable organisations.

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