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Matthew Peppercorn is a mental health nurse of 25 years, musician and survivor of depression and anxiety. He uses his experience of supporting people to now promote the wellbeing of people at home and in the workplace. Often using examples from real life, people can quickly pick up core information and apply it to themselves and those around them. Over 2,000 people in New Zealand have attended his sessions during the last two years.

He has previously worked closely as a contractor with the local community, government agencies, corporate businesses, NGOs, schools, Otago University and Otago Polytechnic.

Matthew has a sound grass roots awareness of wellbeing in the workplace. Applying an empathic eye and recognising stressors in life, he identifies early warning signs and creates firm routes of good self-maintenance and recovery.

He applies the Te Whare Tapa Whā model, Strengths Model and The Five Routes to Wellbeing, as industry standard ways to support self and organisation improvement.

He currently works for TASK Mental Wellness, WEKA (Wellness Empathy Kindness trust) and Stopping Violence Dunedin. Matthew also teaches on the Whanau Ora NZQA course at the Arai Te Uru Kokiri training centre.

Health and Safety NZ have recently added psychological wellbeing to an employer’s responsibilities and ACC have also recognised this employer need. Matthew has developed strategies to fulfil these obligations.

Matthew offers wellbeing workplace assessments as well as coaching and workshops in wellbeing in the workplace, mental health first aid, anxiety and depression management, pragmatic support for individuals experiencing mental distress which is affecting their work, relapse planning, and routes to personal wellbeing.

Qualifications and Accreditations 

  • Diploma in Intellectual Disability Nursing
  • Diploma in Care Co-ordination and Management in Intellectual Disability
  • Mental Health Nursing

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