Tim Williams


Effective, ethical team culture pays – there is clear evidence that teams and organisations that have this culture are more productive, more creative, have higher retention and fewer absences and illness.

Every leader spends time and energy selecting the ‘right staff’ with the ‘right stuff’ to be in their teams. After a lot of work, it can be surprising when a team just doesn’t gel, or worse, goes astray.

A workplace in which people feel able to speak up without fear, where they feel they will be heard, and in which team members get a fairly equal say, regardless of position, are described as ‘psychologically safe’. Such workplaces are more creative and more productive, errors are identified and corrected early, there is higher compliance with policies and ethics, and they have higher levels of satisfaction.

To be in a business always has an inherent conflict of values. One value is to return a profit, another is to comply with policies and ethics. Pro-organisational unethical behaviour arises when pressure for short term results comes up against the more remote costs of cutting corners, hedging around the truth with colleagues or customers, or simply breaking rules or law. Organisations can inadvertently create incentives for pro-organisational unethical behaviour.

Leaders can signal and prompt team members toward desired behaviours with the decision architecture they create. This includes formal policies and practices, as well as informal ways of working, that shape and nudge toward (or away from) a positive team culture and ethical behaviour.

Mentors and models have a significant impact on leader behaviour. Who we model ourselves on shapes our behaviour when we move into a leader role. Positive models can epitomise great leader behaviour, or not.

In this workshop we will look at teams from the viewpoint of team and organisational culture, looking at what aspects of organisational culture are critical for team functioning, how to assess those aspects of culture, and how a leader can modify their own behaviour to enhance culture.

Learning outcomes

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