Gay Pavelka


Every day we can be faced with small or large negotiations, problems to solve and people to engage in discussions. Doing so constructively, effectively and with both an agreement and intact sound working relationships is the essence of this workshop.

Using interactive exercises you will explore a way of sifting through all the information exchanged in negotiations and problem-solving discussions to help you work strategically, and to redefine the issues so they can be discussed constructively by each negotiator. This approach can increase the options for settlement.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this workshop will enable you to:


  • Thinking like a negotiator (or problem solver)
  • Talking like a negotiator (or problem solver)
  • How to build small agreements towards a final negotiation result (or 'final cooperative result')


I now take more time to understand the other person's arguments or position.

I'm trying to plan ahead of negotiations or discussions. I'm also trying to think and understand what the other party's needs might be.

In a workshop meeting I set out the process to agree a process, the issues, understanding, options, evaluation and agreement.