Programme Designer and Facilitator

Kathryn Jackson

Programme Facilitators

Linzi Ebbage-Thomas and Charlotte McIsaac


This is a simple, back-to-basics programme that is built upon presenting research and then encouraging discussion to grow shared understanding, critical thinking and accountability amongst participants. It is based on the very latest research about adult learning, and includes evidence-based research, critical analysis, discussion, goal setting, take-away tasks to complete between workshops, and reflection. 

The programme has been designed for organisations so that staff can develop confidence in their ability to understand and talk about resilience at work.

For the best results, this programme should be championed by senior leaders. By endorsing the programme, sharing stories that describe why the programme is important for your organisation, and encouraging attendance at the workshops, there is likely to be higher engagement and application of learning.

This is a programme about the science of wellbeing and strength, designed to equip your people with tools and resources to grow self-managed resilience. It will not 'fix’ your workplace culture but will help your people to better operate within it. It will also not provide support for any employees who are distressed or in need of psycho-social support. Where this is the case, you should ensure they have access to clinical teams to help them.

The programme consists of six time-spaced workshops, delivered on line (90 minutes each) or in person (two hours each).

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this programme will enable you to better understand:

  • stress at work – what causes it, how to recognise it and what to do when it happens
  • the difference between pressure, stress, and burnout
  • the link between wellbeing and resilience
  • the science of wellbeing
  • practical ideas to keep yourself feeling good and functioning well
  • how to recognise and talk about wellbeing in other people at work.


Workshop 1 – How Change Influences Wellbeing

  • Introduction to the programme – the background and journey
  • Consideration of why wellbeing is important and how it builds resilience at work
  • Understanding change – introduction to VUCA, Rohnke and Covey

Workshop 2 – The Impact of Mindset

  • The science of emotions and emotional literacy
  • Introduction to neuroscience and cognitive control
  • Overcoming negativity bias

Workshop 3 – The Importance of Self-Care

  • How physical and spiritual wellbeing impacts resilience
  • The NHS model, Five Ways to Wellbeing, and Te Whare Tapa Whā
  • Accountability and the duty of self-care

Workshop 4 – The Science of Connection

  • The chemical impact of connecting
  • Becoming a great connector
  • Consideration of virtual and real-life networks

Workshop 5 – The Power of Learning

  • Growth mindset and neuroscience
  • Cultivating learning confidence at work
  • Creating a learning culture at work

Workshop 6 – How Meaning Impacts Resilience

  • Introduction to coaching and the GROW model
  • Job crafting for a meaningful career
  • Embedding programme learning

Feedback from the team has been awesome - we've got some great safe space conversations starting to happen. We'll get a team 'purpose' much more easily because of the resilience training - so greatly appreciated!!!

This was the best course I have ever taken part in over 20 years so well done to you!!!!

I loved this course. I would recommend it to all staff who have had a pretty rough year!

(Course participants)

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