Owen Woollaston


This workshop introduces the discipline of project management as a means to manage complex multi-disciplinary efforts of a technical or non-technical nature in the modern environment of high change and uncertainty.

The workshop is for those who have, or are about to have, responsibility for managing projects at any level. It assumes that participants have no previous formal training in project management.

Key project manager duties - initiating, planning, and controlling the work - are all dealt with in a tool/framework-agnostic approach. The course content is broadly aligned with most project management frameworks and is therefore widely applicable.

Participants will build a picture of their project in a ‘two-pager’, and collaborate within the group on their respective projects as the content unfolds.

Learning Outcomes

Participation in this workshop will enable you to:


I have set out a process for completing the required tasks in the order they are needed in order to complete the overall project.

We now map out projects, align budgets, resources, project deadlines, when pieces of work need to be completed for approval before we move to the next phase.

I've created a mechanism for a team to control and monitor the progress of their project.