Desirée Williamson

Desirée Williamson

Facilitator/Coach, Canterbury

Desirée is a specialist communication consultant, facilitator, mentor and coach. Her mission is to assist leaders and teams to lead and communicate so that they build great relationships, get shared understanding and achieve mutual purpose.

Desirée loves encouraging clients to strengthen their strengths and find solutions for their areas of development. She’s worked in learning and development for over 15 years. Prior to going into business, Desirée lectured in the School of Business, Christchurch College of Education and at the University of Canterbury.

Desirée believes that self-aware, emotionally intelligent and high-performing teams start with leaders and team members recognising that we all have different, but equally valid styles. As an accredited Belbin Team Roles facilitator, Desirée uses the Belbin instrument, amongst other diagnostics, to help leaders create a positive team culture and lead more collaboratively.

An experienced practitioner in the secondary, tertiary, and TESOL sectors, Desirée’s workshops are informed by robust research. They are also interactive, practical, and engaging, so participants can immediately apply key learnings in the workplace.

Organisations that Desiree has worked with include councils, lines companies, scientific laboratories, logistics companies, agricultural cooperatives, engineering consultancies, and many others. Her workshops include leading teams, communicating effectively, business and technical writing skills, courageous conversations and conflict, de-escalation skills, mentoring skills, oral presentation skills, and customer service.

Qualifications and Accreditations

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • LTCL Speech and Drama: Licentiate of Trinity College London
  • Certificate of Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Master of Applied Linguistics (completing)
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Associate of NZ Speech Board (ANZSB: Public Speaking)

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I thought Desirée was a really engaging facilitator and really captured the group with the right level of humour.

Desirée was excellent to learn from and engaged well with all members of our group.

Desiree was absolutely fantastic to work with - I really enjoyed our coaching sessions together and found that I learned a lot and have a lot more tools to add to my toolkit, particularly around having difficult conversations, presentation techniques, and clarity in my vision and purpose for my team (and as an individual). It was a fantastic learning experience, and Desiree is amazing :)

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