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How to Grow Leadership in Your Organisation

Posted by Kyran Newell on 11/06/2019 12:17pm

Leadership has been in the news a bit lately, for both good and not-so-good reasons. We have seen Jacinda Ardern ascend the heights of global leadership and struggle a bit locally with the performance of her colleagues and the Opposition. And we have seen Teresa May succumb to a leadership...

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5 Good Practices to Become a Better Leader

Posted by Kyran Newell on 28/05/2019 12:23pm

Nowadays, leading people well trumps expertly managing tasks. A new leadership style and practices are needed for business success – distributed, inclusive and collaborative leadership that invites and supports the team to participate in decisions, planning and actions – leading to better individual, team and business results.

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5 Tips for Engaging a Great Leadership Coach

Posted by Kathryn Jackson on 19/03/2019 11:38am

Coaching in work and leadership settings is an invaluable tool for developing people across a wide range of needs. Coaching is an unregulated industry so how can you be assured that the Leadership Coach you select is one of the very best?

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5 Tips on How to Recruit for Behaviours and Fit

Posted by Helen Johnston on 11/12/2018 10:53am

Keen to make sure your new recruit fits into the team and organisation? Burned in the past by making the wrong selection? Read on for some hints about how to get the right behaviours and fit, first time and every time.

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A Pragmatist's Approach to Leadership Development

Posted by Kyran Newell on 10/12/2018 12:44pm

My experience as both purchaser and supplier of leadership development solutions helps me to see the ‘zone of interest’ where the two parties can come together from their different perspectives on the leadership development solution that can be made to work in each case.

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6 Tips on How to Grow your Emotional Intelligence

Posted by Alison Hood on 28/08/2018 10:30am

Science shows that feelings precede thoughts and behaviours, so the more adept we are at managing our feelings, the more effective we'll be in work and all facets of our lives. Organisations high in Emotional Intelligence benefit from more engaged employees and leaders, staff who are more able to cope with change, better team working, and greater collaboration.

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The New Leadership Paradigm

Posted by Kyran Newell on 24/07/2018 11:56am

We have and are seeing a massive shift in leadership style, driven by employee expectations, new ways of working, and in the communications technology used to support them both. No longer leadership as hero, but leadership as partner. This shift is so widespread now it can be viewed as the new leadership paradigm.

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5 Key Questions to Help Reveal Organisational Purpose

Posted by Roger Lewis on 10/07/2018 11:30am

There is nothing more powerful to direct focused attention within an organisation than clearly articulated Purpose, but identifying what this might be is not a simple task. Many organisations confuse their Vision with their Mission, and their Mission with their Purpose. Purpose is difficult to identify, but when it is, it unleashes a cascade of thinking and behaviour that simultaneously transforms and unifies an enterprise. 

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8 Success Drivers for Leadership Development Programmes

Posted by Kyran Newell on 02/07/2018 2:07pm

The results are finally in, and, YES, leadership development programmes really do work... Not only that, but the drivers that make for successful leadership development programmes have now been identified.

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5 Tips to Get the Best from Your Teams

Posted by Desiree Williamson on 18/06/2018 11:04am

Our teams just don’t work; lots of talk about each other, plenty of friction but very little traction. Some people simply avoid their team and go it alone. If your teams are not zones of trust, collaboration and harmony, then you won’t be getting the effectiveness and results that you could. Perhaps it’s time for a change for the better?

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IBM Kenexa Exit has a Silver Lining

Posted by Chris O'Reilly on 28/05/2018 10:00am

Last month one of the world’s leading employee engagement survey companies, IBM Kenexa, announced they would exit New Zealand in June. It must have been a shock for their customers to hear that they would no longer be supported, effectively leaving them looking around for what comes next. The situation is...

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7 Leadership Practices to Boost Employee Engagement

Posted by Teresa Callow on 28/05/2018 12:00am

The success of an organisation depends on the people who work for it. Motivated, engaged employees are the foundation for success, with highly engaged employees producing better business outputs, more loyal customers, fewer ‘problems’, and superior financial performance. Engagement goes beyond employee happiness or satisfaction ...

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5 Tips for Creating Strategies that Work

Posted by Piet Beukman on 25/05/2018 4:12pm

Too many leaders say they have a strategy when they actually don’t. Instead, they settle for ‘broad and bland’ that ignores the power of choice and focus, trying instead to accommodate a multitude of conflicting demands and interests.

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5 Good Practices to Become a Better Leader

Posted by Kyran Newell on 12/02/2018 5:14pm

Nowadays, leading people well trumps expertly managing tasks. A new leadership style and practices are needed for business success - distributed, inclusive and collaborative leadership that invites and supports the team to participate in decisions, planning and actions - leading to better individual, team and business results.

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Maximise your Leadership Development Results

Posted by Nicky Trainor on 15/10/2017 3:45pm

If your organisation is investing in leadership development, you’ll want to know that you’re going to see some real benefits back at work. We’ve put together eight tips that will help to ensure that your programme is robust and that your participants are well set up to bring back new learnings to their teams, and in turn produce results for your business.

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Self Projection for the Modest

Posted by John Lees on 01/09/2017 4:41pm

John Lees explains how quieter people can make a bigger impact. Why are so many career changers told to “get out there and sell yourself”? In some labour markets, especially the UK and US, access to jobs has changed significantly. The UK, for example has seen a noticeable decline in conventional job...

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Kirkpatrick Evaluation Proves Training Value

Posted by Kyran Newell on 10/08/2017 12:26pm

Since 2012 ODI has deployed Kirkpatrick Four Levels (R) in the design and evaluation of each programme it has delivered. Information about each of the four levels – L1 Reaction, L2 Learning, L3 Behaviour and L4 Results - has been collected in a consistent way across each programme; providing a...

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Dealing with Challenging Staff

Posted by Michael Hempseed on 16/05/2017 12:25pm

Sooner or later just about every business will face a challenging staff member. Staffing problems can be extraordinarily costly; they can cause high staff turnover, lost customers and a significant decrease in productivity. In addition to the high financial costs, there can also be exceptionally high emotional costs; managers with...

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How to Get Value from Coaching

Posted by Kyran on 30/03/2017 3:49am

One of the bigger 21st Century trends in learning and development is the increased use of coaching as a core component of development programmes. There are several reasons for this: recognition that there is something going wrong between the classroom and the workplace with new knowledge simply not ending up...

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ODI HPWI Programme 2015/16 Delivers Results

Posted by Kyran Newell on 27/03/2017 12:00pm

ODI's High Performance Work Initiative (HPWI) programme was Callaghan Innovation co-funded and worked with four client organisations over the 15-month period to December 2016. The programme provided workshop-based diagnostics across the 10 Levers for High Performance Work; participative events at which SMT and others from client organisations discussed and rated...

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Changing your Leadership Practices at Work

Posted by Kyran on 08/12/2016 9:52am

Wiser folk than me make a clear distinction between management work and leadership work. Some define management work as about accomplishing tasks and leadership work about relationship-based inspiration and energising of people. Others define management as about coping with complexity and leadership as about coping with change. Leadership can perhaps be...

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High Performance Work Initiative (HPWI) 2015/16 Seminar

Posted by Kyran Newell on 01/12/2016 9:32am

ODI is hosting a High Performance Work Initiative (HPWI) 2015/16 Seminar in Christchurch on Thursday December 8th as the capstone event for this programme. Registrations for this complimentary seminar are now open: ODI HPWI 2015/16 Seminar[] The aim of this seminar is to share information about how the ODI HPWI 2015/16...

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The Power of Authentic Purpose

Posted by Roger Lewis on 19/10/2016 10:56am

Only when purpose is really clarified, can attention can be truly focused. Take Southwest Airlines as an illustration. For an airline that began with only three destinations in one state, Southwest has grown to be a leader in its field. But right from the beginning, they had identified their true purpose...

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ODI’s HPWI Programme Shows Promise

Posted by Kyran on 16/09/2016 12:40pm

ODI has been rolling out its Callaghan Innovation-supported High Performance Work Initiative (HPWI) programme since October 2015 for the four organisations that have joined this inaugural programme. It is scheduled for completion by the end of calendar 2016. Indications are that it is providing good returns to the participant organisations,...

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Lean is Foremost about Adding Value

Posted by André Esterhuizen on 16/08/2016 1:35am

Winnie the Pooh “Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump, on the back of his head, behind Christopher Robin. It is, as far as he knows, the only way of coming downstairs, but sometimes he feels that there really is another way, if only he could stop...

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Understanding Human Behaviour with Extended DISC

Posted by Michael Carr on 15/07/2016 10:24am

In my experience most people say they can sum up a person pretty quickly, and for first impressions, most probably can. So why do I have so many clients disappointed with who they recruited and surprised when their first impression don't work out? Did they misread that person? Did the...

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Leadership and Organisational Development

Posted by Kyran Newell on 11/07/2016 9:16am

As we all appreciate, organisations are systems of integrated parts, with leadership holding the tiller to guide the organisation’s journey. The organisation exists to achieve pre-determined business outcomes; leadership exists to change the organisation so it can more efficiently and effectively achieve that purpose. Today, leadership can be characterised as having...

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ODI 10 Levers for High Performance Work

Posted by admin on 18/05/2016 12:10pm

ODI has worked with the Burke-Litwin Model of Organisational Change and Performance to create a set of diagnostics to help identify organisational strengths and development opportunities to achieve high performance work. We have crafted a series of questions that test a business or organisation against global good practices in each...

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Impactful Crucial Conversations: 10 Tips to be More Courageous

Posted by Linzi Ebbage-Thomas on 18/05/2016 12:10pm

Tough conversations can be one of the hardest yet inevitable parts of a leader’s job. Impactful crucial conversations can resolve conflict, deepen relationships, build strong and diverse teams, and keep ideas and creativity flowing. Often fear stops us having those necessary difficult conversations that we know we need to have. Our...

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Health promoting leaders unleash organisational performance

Posted by Sarah McGuinness on 30/03/2016 12:00am

In terms of priorities, health often comes last for leaders. Time and time again, studies have found the top sources of stress for executives are excessive workload and/or long hours, lack of work/life balance and inadequate staffing. Yet the effect of poor health for leaders can be profound. A survey of executives...

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Where is Leadership Going?

Posted by Kyran and Nicky on 10/02/2016 10:21am

The art and science of leadership has been on the organisational agenda for almost 40 years now. Back then leadership started to reveal itself as something important and something different from management, which had been the dominant player in organisations since the Industrial Revolution. Today, leadership stands as the pre-eminent...

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How Organisational Culture and Climate Impact Training Success

Posted by Kyran on 17/11/2015 2:10am

In our leadership training practice we are often confronted by programme results that are less than we would like to see. I say ‘confronted’, not because we face anger or resentment from clients - by and large they are happy with what we deliver - but because we take it...

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It’s all about Sticky Learning – isn’t it?

Posted by Kyran on 15/10/2015 3:55am

Sticky learning is a new buzzword in the training lexicon. It is turning up quite a bit in tender documents and elsewhere. Google searches pull up many pages indexed to that term. One entrepreneurial training provider even claims trademark registration for it – so others might need to be a...

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More About Mindset

Posted by Kyran on 09/09/2015 3:08am

Having recently explored the concepts around mindset, I've become a little fascinated and have taken the time to dig much deeper. I've realised that mindset isn't just about how we might respond to the need to change, it's about our world view of everything that we encounter in our lives...

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Can you be an Effective Leader without a Growth Mindset?

Posted by Kyran on 03/07/2015 1:14am

Over the last couple of months, while anticipating, undergoing and recovering from major surgery, I've had pause to think a bit about the future. Not so much *the* future, but *my* future. Glimpses of mortality tend to concentrate the mind a bit. I’ve emphasised *the* and *my* because the distinction...

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High Performance Work Initiative

Posted by Nicky on 11/06/2015 12:22pm

Callaghan Innovation is implementing a nationwide initiative aimed at helping small-medium sized organisations to be higher performers - to assist them to grow their productivity, profitability and competitiveness through effective employee engagement and improved workplace practices. HPWI programmes deliver results for organisations that impact the bottom line within 8-12 months. We've...

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Leaders and their Followers

Posted by Kyran on 15/05/2015 3:55am

As a leader, you are out of a job if there are no followers prepared and willing to follow you. That is self-evident at the extreme end of the spectrum - when your team resolutely turn its back on you and follows another leader - but it is at least...

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The Importance of Coaching

Posted by Nicky on 24/02/2015 3:59am

A large part of being an effective leader at work is the ability to coach the people in your team. Most people, when asked, would say that they do coach their team members, but when they really understand what true coaching means, they realise that they actually don't coach. They...

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How to Achieve Successful 360-Degree Reviews

Posted by Kyran on 10/02/2015 3:57am

Over the last year or so we have completed quite a number of 360-degree review assignments for our clients - and we'd like to share some of our experiences with you. We've generally been engaged to design, administer and report 360-degree reviews for individual assessment against competency frameworks. They are also...

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Leadership Training that Really Works

Posted by Kyran on 08/12/2014 2:08am

At ODI we’ve been concerned for some time about the effectiveness of New Zealand organisational leadership and we are not alone in that thought. We are also conscious of the variable quality of the response to that by the learning and development community. At its simplest, sound organisational leadership is about...

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Competency Development for Smart Organisations

Posted by Kyran on 12/11/2014 3:14am

In our business training and business consultancy practice we regularly advise clients on the best ways to develop the competency of their organisation. We’d like to share our approach with you here. First though, we need to clarify what competency is. At the organisational level, core competency results from deploying specific...

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Our Organisational Leadership Model

Posted by admin on 31/10/2014 10:35am

In th P28302 Leadership model globe FA V5 e ODI worldview, organisations are systems that operate within a wider system of suppliers, competitors, customers and other stakeholders, which is bounded by the physical and biological environment that is our planet. The small graphic on the left hints at how that...

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Competencies Frameworks can Help Organisations

Posted by Kyran Newell on 06/10/2014 1:31am

Many see Competencies (or Capabilities) Frameworks as something HR does that adds complexity but no value to the organisation – they see a sideshow that is of no real use to the business. This is an unfortunate view, but it is one that prevails; largely because many frameworks are not...

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How Healthy is Your Learn >> Change >> Improve Results Value Chain?

Posted by Kyran on 13/08/2014 10:25am

All organisations have a reason for being. Smart organisations are clear about what that purpose is and have strategies in place to achieve it, and measures in place to tell how well they are doing. Some organisations engage in *Organisational Development* (OD) – aligning all of the elements of the organisational...

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The PEAR Approach to Training

Posted by Nicky on 22/07/2014 8:54am

We've known for a long time that simply attending a training course is not enough to make a difference at work. Participants need to start the learning cycle before attending a workshop, and they also need to be supported after a workshop to apply what they've learned. We know that if...

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Collaboration is Alive and Well in Canterbury

Posted by Kyran on 04/07/2014 1:48am

Yesterday, a group of Canterbury business and organisation leaders spent a little time with four outstanding collaboration practitioners and a subject-matter expert in that space. It was an unforgettable experience. The practitioners, Duncan Gibb, GM, SCIRT; Vince Barry, CEO, Pegasus Health; Paul Lonsdale, Councillor, Christchurch City Council; and Dr Tom Richardson,...

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Andrew Brickell

Posted by Nicky on 17/04/2014 12:00pm

Andrew Brickell We're very fortunate to have Andrew Brickell amongst our pool of specialist presenters. He is highly respected both nationally and internationally in his field as a consulting civil engineer, project manager and construction contract specialist advisor and arbitrator. Andrew has had extensive experience with the development, use and recent...

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Is Your Nest Broken?

Posted by Kyran on 17/04/2014 12:00pm

As we work more closely with our clients we are learning just how fragile many workplace climates are when it comes to the application of new skills and behaviours at work. And our Kirkpatrick evaluations tell us that if the nest is not ready the fledgling will not thrive. Let me...

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Gay Pavelka

Posted by Nicky on 28/03/2014 12:41pm

Gay Pavelka new1 Gay Pavelka is one of the very special presenters we've worked closely with over the last four years. Gay’s specialist background in mediation has provided her with unique insights into approaches and methods that lead to resolution. These skills have been honed through her consultancy, training and...

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Short Course Changes

Posted by Kyran on 03/03/2014 11:11am

As many of you will know, we've made a number of changes to our Short Courses over the last year or two. We've been responding to new needs by offering new (and shorter) workshops and responding to evidence that Short Course participants who are not supported after a workshop are...

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Achieving Desired Business Outcomes

Posted by Nicky on 22/01/2014 11:10am

How do you achieve desired business outcomes from training? This is a central question for any organisation and the answer lies in analysis, planning and design of learning solutions in conjunction with an experienced learning and development specialist. At one end of the spectrum, you can simpply send individuals to ad...

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It's all about Culture and Climate

Posted by Kyran on 06/11/2013 12:52pm

The holiday period has given me the chance to review all of our ODI training deliveries over 2013, and it has been quite a ‘special’ review because for the first time we have real evidence from our participants’ workplaces about the changes made there as a result of our work. This...

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How you can Fix your Application Bridge

Posted by Kyran on 05/11/2013 1:02am

Our Kirkpatrick tools and methods, and I think common sense also, tell us that if organisational training and development do not result in new skills or behaviours applied at work they are simply waste. In my many engagements with organisation clients and learners I have never been offered a counter-argument...

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How our Kirkpatrick Certification can Help You

Posted by Kyran on 24/09/2013 3:51am

Training is big business. It costs money and time, both of which are covered mostly by the employer, and only sometimes by the employee. Some organisations spend as much as 2% of their annual payroll on training; that is the equivalent of an extra week's pay for everyone. Participating in training...

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On Leadership

Posted by Kyran on 20/06/2013 12:00pm

I see many organisations that invest in leadership training for senior and middle roles, but not for managers and supervisers closer to the coal face – why is this? I think it is because of a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of leadership and its pivotal role in organisational performance. Leadership is...

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