Do you have a team member who’s stepping into a new leadership role with little or no experience?
Can you see signs of burnout amongst some of your team members?
Do you have team members who work remotely who need extra support?
Are you a senior leader – time poor, feeling isolated, but wanting to grow your leadership capability?
Do you recognise a technical capability gap in one of your team that needs to be addressed?

If you can say “yes” to any of those questions, our coaching can help.

People at all levels sometimes need external help to make changes to their work practices – to build their leadership capability as well as improving technical skills.

Our wonderful team of experienced coaches can work alongside individuals at all levels - providing targeted and disciplined support that focuses on up-front goals and an action-oriented approach to sustain workplace practice change and improve business results.

We provide coaching all around New Zealand. We have people on the ground in Auckland, Waikato, Taranaki, Wellington, Nelson, Canterbury, Otago and Dunedin. We also offer in-person and remote coaching.

When you engage with us for coaching, what can you expect?

Some examples of coaching support we can provide

Building self-awareness

Working with a diverse team

Leading with strengths

Managing personal wellbeing and resilience

Supporting the wellbeing and resilience of team members

Managing a difficult working relationship

Leading remotely or in a hybrid situation

Having difficult conversations

Influencing skills

Interpersonal skills

Building Emotional Intelligence

Bicultural awareness

Improving team performance and engagement

Supporting through change and challenging times

Project management and leadership

Career development

Writing and presentation skills

Sales skills

Our individual coaching is for you if:

Our individual coaching is not for you if:

I really enjoyed Alison's coaching style - warm and connected but still challenging and accountability-driven. I have implemented tools and ideas discussed based on my profile tests. I have some techniques I can now utilise quickly and effectively when in workplace situations that might produce a strong emotional response, so that I can self-regulate at speed and communicate effectively.

Karin is a really fantastic coach. I really enjoyed her toolkit and ideas for moving me forward. She was able to challenge my thinking and it was good to get a second opinion on things. Loved the Strengths conversation and to have that lens in place to practically move forward in my leadership journey.

It went really well. I appreciated the empathy given. I really, really enjoyed Kathryn being able to read me so well, it was awesome to have that feedback about myself. I now do not have to go back and have a second discussion in order to rectify what I have agreed to that I didn't actually want to agree to in the first place!


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  • You'll see how leadership coaching can help your business thrive.

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