Are you struggling with high staff turnover, low engagement, workplace stress or below-par business results? Are your leaders struggling to get it together in the new normal that includes work-from-home, heightened health and wellbeing awareness, and ongoing disruption? 

If this sounds like your organisation, it's an indication that your leaders are undercooked for their demanding roles and without the skills and tools they need to do better.

With the right leadership, your workplace can be harmonious and productive and your staff will want to stay.

With the wrong leadership, you leak staff, money, productivity and time.

Nothing builds leadership practice and improved business results faster than a cohort of up to 12 of your leaders learning, changing and growing together in a leadership programme built especially for you.

Let us build a laser-focused and tailored leadership programme unique to your organisation that delivers results.

When you engage our services, we'll:

More than just a leadership course.

This is no cookie-cutter course; it is custom-tailored programme for you and your learners, true to your leadership needs, values and context, and squarely aimed to improve your leadership capability and business results.

This is for you if you:

This is not for you if:

In which case, our Workshops or Coaching may work better for you.

Ready to get started?

You could keep doing what you're doing, and struggling without a map to grow your team into strong leaders. Or you could jump on a call today and find a path to a harmonious and productive workplace.

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I am sure you have questions like "how much?" "what problems can you help me with?" "how does it work?" and "what results can I expect?"

Let's organise a chat with a leadership and organisational development professional to get to know you and answer any questions you might have about how a tailored leadership programme can help your business thrive.

Recently we engaged ODI to deliver a Leadership & Management Development programme, having gone through a rigorous tendering process to secure the business. The learning programme was superbly delivered and premised on the outset around a thorough understanding on the learning needs of our organisation. The  programme was delivered by very engaging presenters who are authoritative experts and leading practitioners in their fields employing the latest adult learning principles.  The learning sessions involved high interaction and reflection through group exercises. The whole programme was underpinned by an emphasis on a transfer of learning using the best practice Kirkpatrick framework. Action Learning Groups ensured the learning was put to immediate use between each session and focused on application back in staff respective roles once the programme was completed. Overall the evaluation of the course material and subsequent transfer of learning has ensured we have yielded a high return on investment by increasing individual and organisational performance. I have no hesitation in recommending this first class high value provider of learning services who are very client focused, immersed in best practice and the latest research and work extremely hard to ensure the learning is applied after the programme is completed.

Michael Prisk, Team Leader Human Resources, Hurunui District Council

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